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Guide to Hard Reset SONY XPERIA SP C5303 smartphone

SONY XPERIA SP C5303 is a popular device, the under mentioned guide refers to Hard Rest XPERIA SP C5303. Read the step by step tutorial and easily hard reset SONY XPERIA SP C5303.

Hard Reset SONY XPERIA SP C5303

Hard Reset SONY XPERIA SP C5303 smartphone


What is hard reset?

Hard reset of any device means to restore factory default settings, and to erase all downloaded and stored data on the internal storage. Hard reset also known as factory restore that’s removing all your customizations on the device settings and brings the device back on the fresh factory status.

What its Aim?

• The hard reset most commonly used, to restore factory default settings and to remove users edited settings, and data on internal storage.

• Hard reset can be used when you need to fix any miss or out of order function by restoring factory default settings.

• If you are going to sell or replace your device, and want to delete everything on the device internal storage.

• In case you forgot your device pattern lock, then you should have to hard reset via recovery mode.

How to perform hard reset?

The term hard reset is most commonly used for the smartphones. Nowadays there are various types and different manufacturers of smartphones; every device has different method.

Warning: This guide can be used, to hard reset XPERIA SP C5303 only, don’t use for any other device, also we will not to be held responsible for any mishap, try it on your own risk.

Remember: Hard reset XPERIA SP C5303 will erase all your data including; Gallery items, Contacts, Applications, Messages and other settings. Users are advised to properly backup all their important contents before proceeding.

Steps to hard reset SONY XPERIA SP C5303 smartphone

Following are the two most common and easy methods to hard reset XPERIA SP C5303.


Hardware Buttons Combination:

• Turn off XPERIA SP C5303.

• Boot XPERIA SP C5303 in Recovery Mode, [Press & hold Volume Up + Volume Down + Power buttons until you see some menu] here select recovery mode.

• Now on Recovery main menu select “Wipe data/Factory reset”.

• Confirm your actions on the next screen using power button select “Yes — delete all user data”.

• Finally select “Reboot system now” to boot your XPERIA SP C5303 normally with default factory settings.



Built-in Hard reset option:

• On your XPERIA SP C5303 go to main app drawer, tap on “Settings”.

• Next select “Backup & reset”.

• Now tap on “Factory data reset”.

• Now select “Reset phone”.

• Select “Erase everything” and proceed.

• XPERIA SP C5303 will reboot with loading factory default settings.

You’re done! This was how to hard reset Sony XPERIA SP C5303.

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