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Odin Tool for Android Devices Full and Easy Guide

Hi friends, today guide is about the Odin tool for Android devices (Samsung). we will try to tell you all about what is Odin tool, how it works and what can we do with it. If you are interested then go through the complete tutorial. Just to tell you that Odin is actually a windows based software build for communication between Windows Operating PCs and Samsung Android Devices. This is normally using for flashing different kinds of file on Samsung devices such as ROMs, Kernels, Third party apps etc.

What can we do with Odin tool for Android devices:

With Odin software, we can Flash or install both unofficial and official firmware on Samsung devices manually. we can root Android OS in most of Android devices. we can customize Android OS by installing different kinds of apps on Samsung smartphones and other devices.


Odin is very simple and easy tool with user-friendly, UI and very smart and concise features.
When you want to root your Android Device or upgrade your device firmware Odin flashing tool is the best choice among different flashing tools it is the most used flashing software, and if you don’t want to use Odin then that will be a complicated task

Odin has no special requirements, only an original USB data cable to connect your smartphones or devices with your computer and a USB Driver of your device.

Odin Tool for Android Devices

Odin Tool for Android Devices

How Odin Tool for Android Devices Works:

1. Download Odin latest version on your PC. [Download Link]

2. Unzip Odin downloaded .zip file on your PC desktop for easy access.

3. Open extracted Odin folder on your windows operating PC. Double-click on “Odin vx.xx.exe” file, to run Odin flash tool.

4. Now boot your smartphone on downloading mode. via [Press and hold Volume down+ Home+ Power buttons together until you see warning screen].

5. Now while Odin is running, Connect your device using USB data cable to your PC.

6. Odin will automatically detect your device. [“ID:COM” port turns blue and “added” message displays].

7. Now on Odin screen click “AP” button and then select your required file .md5, That you have downloaded for flashing.

8. Then Click “Start” button. (But make sure that “re-partition” box is unchecked).

9. Wait for flashing. Odin will displays “PASS” message and device reboots automatically.

Note: As you know that Odin is used to make changes in Android OS, so use it carefully. You must know, about what you are doing with Odin. because by your wrong changes you can damage your device. We are not to be held responsible for miss using or else any.

That’s all about Odin Tool for Android Devices.