LG Android Custom Recoveries How to

How to Install Custom Recovery TWRP on LG G4

Hi friends, to install Custom Recovery TWRP on LG G4 is a question that almost all advanced users want to know about that, this a complete guide here we will show you that how to install TWRP custom recovery on LG G4. On the Custom Recovery “TWRP Touch Recovery” you will be able to Install custom ROMs, take backups and use advanced options for customization of your smartphone, LG has officially released the bootloader unlock tool for its LG G4 smartphone. With this tool user of LG G4 H815 international can take advantage to unlock bootloader, when you unlock bootloader then you can flash the latest custom recovery, install custom ROMs and root your LG G4 smartphone To install Custom Recovery “TWRP Touch Recovery” on your LG G4 smartphone, first Unlock Bootloader of your LG G4.

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Install Custom Recovery TWRP on LG G4

Install Custom Recovery TWRP on LG G4

This TWRP Custom Recovery tutorial is only for unlocked LG G4. Please don’t try this on any other devices, also we (Guidebeats.com) are not to be held responsible if you damage your device, try it on your own risk.

1- USB data cable with the driver installed in the PC- Download USB Driver here
2- Phone battery charge level to be at least 70%
3- Take a Full Backup of your important data in your phone before proceeding
4- Install and Setup SDK with full working ADB/Fastboot drivers
Download SDK here
5- Installing custom recovery will void your smartphone warranty.
6- Bootloader should be unlocked.

Step-By-Step guide to Install Custom Recovery TWRP on LG G4

Step.1- Install SDK with complete packages and setup is configured.

Step.2- Connect LG G4 to your PC with a USB cable and install ADB drivers.

Step.3- Download TWRP file “twrp- here

Step.4- Move “twrp-” file to Android SDK > platform-tools folder.

Step.5- Go to Fastboot/Bootloader mode” As under,

i) Open Android-SDK > navigate to platform-tools > Open Command Prompt

“Press Shift + Right Click on any blank space > Click Open Command Prompt”

Type command “adb reboot bootloader” and press Enter. LG G4 will reboot into the Fastboot Mode.

ii) Switch OFF your phone. Then hold Volume Down + Power buttons together. LG G4 will reboot into the               Fastboot Mode

Step.6- Then type the following command in command prompt window and press Enter.

            "fastboot flash recovery twrp-"

Step.7- after the process is completed, check Recovery Mode from the Fastboot menu and enter Recovery                      Mode. Navigate up and down using the volume keys.

Step.8- If you see TWRP Recovery, so custom recovery is installed.

Step.9- Now Reboot LG G4. Select “reboot system now” from the recovery menu. The phone will boot now.

To boot now on Recovery Mode.

Turn OFF your phone. Switch ON your phone with hold Volume Up + Power button together. You will be entered on the TWRP Touch Recovery menu.


You have installed TWRP Custom Recovery on LG G4 successfully

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