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How to boot Oneplus 2 in Recovery Mode -All Oneplus Smartphones

Hi friends, if you holds Oneplus 2 smartphone and want to boot it in Recovery Mode. so you are on the right place. here in this guide we will show you that how you can boot Oneplus 2 in Recovery Mode. Almost all android smartphone has this option, which is a very needful feature. In the Recovery Mode you can perform such a tasks that’s are essential for every advance user. in Recovery mode you can do factory reset, wipe cache, wipe data etc. In Oneplus 2 smartphones you can use two methods to enter in Recovery Mode, both are very simple and easy.
1. Using hardware buttons
2. Using ADB tool commands

How to boot Oneplus 2 in Recovery Mode -All Oneplus Smartphones

How to boot Oneplus 2 in Recovery Mode -All Oneplus Smartphones

1- Hardware key method to Boot Oneplus 2 in Recovery mode

SWITCH OFF your smartphone Oneplus 2 > Press and hold Volume up + Power button both at once until you see the recovery Mode on your smartphone screen


2- ADB tool to Boot Oneplus 2 in Recovery mode

Step 1. First install and setup the ADB/ Fastboot Drivers on your PC.

Click here to Download ADB/Fastboot Drivers

Step 2. Browse to My Computer\ C drive \ adb folder C:\adb

Step 3. Now in this adb folders press and hold shift key + right-click on any blank space of that folder and then click on Command prompt window here

Step 4. Enable the USB debugging mode on your phone, [Phone Settings > About phone > Developer Options >  USB debugging > Accept warning by tap OK]

Step 5. Now connect your OnePlus 2 to your PC with USB data cable and enter the following command on the command prompt window and press enter

"adb devices"

This will display a list of attached devices to your computer, check your phone if it is in the attached devices list then enter the following command to enter your phone  in Recovery Mode

“adb reboot recovery”

This will reboot your smartphone Oneplus 2 in Recovery Mode

That’s it

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