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Update Huawei P8 Max DAV-701L to B203 Marshmallow Build [Asia Pacific]

P8 Max Huawei is getting B203 Marshmallow build officially at the Asian Pacific region. Update Huawei P8 Max is available officially both by OTA and Local download and install. Here is the official download link for B203 Marshmallow Build of Huawei P8 Max. Also, read and follow the installation instruction below to flash B203 Marshmallow Build easily at your device.

DISCLAIMER: Update Huawei P8 Max DAV-701L having CUST NO C209D001 to B203 Marshmallow Build. Not related to any other variant. Also, you only have the complete authority and responsibility for the whole process.

Update Huawei P8 Max DAV-701L to B203 Marshmallow Build [Asia Pacific]

Update Huawei P8 Max DAV-701L to B203 Marshmallow Build [Asia Pacific].


Firmware Info:

  • Device: Huawei P8 Max [DAV-701L].
  • Firmware: Android 6.0 Marshmallow -EMUI- 4.0.
  • Build NO: DAV-701LC209B203/ B203.
  • CUST NO: CUSTC209D001.
  • Region: Asia Pacific [Cambodia, Thailand].
  • Status: Full Official firmware (stable).

Preps| Downloads:

  • Backup of the important data before proceedings is high recommended.
  • Sufficient charge at P8 Mix’s battery is very needful.
  • The USB driver or Hi-Suite of Huawei should be installed at your PC. [Download here].
  • Check and ensure that your CUST NO is C209D001.

Download B203 Marshmallow Build for P8 Max: [Official Link] – [Size- 1.60 GB]

File: [DAV-701LC209B203CUSTC209D001_ Firmware_ Thailand_ Cambodia_ Nonspecific_ Nonspecific_].

Steps to Update Huawei P8 Max to B203 Marshmallow Build.

  1. Download B203 Zip package from the link and then extract on the PC.
  2. Movedload” folder from unzipped firmware folder to SD card home directory.
  3. Disconnect and turn off the P8 Max completely.
  4. Reboot P8 Max with press and hold the VOLUP+VOLDOWN+POWER buttons at the same time for a few seconds.
  5. Release when update process gets started.
  6. Wait and set away until P8 reboots normally.

That’s how to Update Huawei P8 Max DAV-701L to B203 Marshmallow.

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