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Update Huawei P9 Plus to OTA B180/ B181 Leak Firmware [Unofficial]

Huawei P9 Plus is a mega phablet device that has some pretty nice features and characteristics. Also, the device is getting regular updates officially. However, this time, to install Huawei P9 Plus OTA B180/ 181 before OTA alert, you have to follow this guide. The updates bring a number of improvements and fixings. Here is the download link, and installation guidelines. However, there is still no evidence of B180/ 181 official OTA and the update is only leaks based. You may also wait for official OTA updates but it might still take some time. So if you don’t wait anymore and willing to try and install Huawei P9 Plus OTA B180/ B181 at this time, then keep continued. Follow the instructions step by step, don’t miss any step.

Note: The instructions and update package is only intended to Install Huawei P9 Plus OTA B180/ B181 Firmware [Leak]. Don’t use on any other device or purpose. Also, we are not responsible, if anything goes wrong with your device. Proceed only at your own risk.

install Huawei P9 Plus OTA B180/ B181 Leak Firmware

Install Huawei P9 Plus OTA B180/ B181 Leak Firmware.



Firmware Info:

  • Device: Huawei P9 Plus.
  • Model: VIE-L09C432B180
  • Android: 6.0 Marshmallow.
  • Emotion-UI: 4.0
  • Firmware build: B180/ B181/ L09C432B181.
  • Status: Unofficial- Leak.
  • Type: Full Firmware.
  • Size: 1.62 GB.


Preps| Downloads:

  • First, perform backup of the existing data via Huawei built-in app or this guide.
  • Also, have a sufficient battery charge at the device before proceedings.
  • Install Huawei USB driver or Hi-suite at the PC. Download Link


Download P9 Plus B180/ B181 Leak Firmware. | Link

File Name: VIE-L09C432B180. Zip


Steps to Install Huawei P9 Plus OTA B180/ B181 Leak Firmware

  1. First, download B180 zip pack from the link and then extract.
  2. Then copy the file, from the extracted contents to “dload” folder at micro-SD card top level directory. [create new folder, name it dload if already not existing there]
  3. Now go to phone dialer and type * # * # 2846579 # * # * code to launch Project Menu.
  4. So, here tap Software upgrade > SD-card upgrade > and finally, tap OK.
  5. The update process initiates and gets finished after several minutes.
  6. Finally, the device reboots automatically.
  7. Done!

So, that’s how to Install Huawei P9 Plus OTA B180/ B181 Leak/ Unofficial Firmware.


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