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How to Perform a Factory Reset on Poco X2

How to Perform a Factory Reset on Poco X2: If you want to factory reset your Poco X2 and don’t know how to do it then we are here for you guys with a guide on How to Perform a Factory Reset on Poco X2. The factory reset is also called a hard reset. A hard reset will wipe your smartphone completely and it will be like you have switched on a device first time out of the box.

A factory reset can improve your device’s performance but it depends. If you don’t have any reason to factory reset your device then we will recommend you not to do it. Just before following this guide keep in mind to backup files that are important to you. After making a command to confirm the factory reset you can’t be able to get the things stored on your internal storage back to you. If you face any problems while following this guide you can comment them down in the comment section we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.


How to Perform a Factory Reset on Poco X2

Here is the step by step procedure on How to Perform a Factory Reset on Poco X2. Follow it carefully without missing any step mentioned in this guide so that you can have expected results. Now for the elaboration, we have mentioned 2 ways through which you can perform a Factory Reset on Poco X2. You can follow either way mentioned in this guide to perform a factory reset on Poco X2. We would recommend you not to follow the recovery method if you haven’t opened any device’s recovery earlier, messing up with the phone recovery can be dangerous for your device.

Note: You must know that after following this guide your data will be completely wiped including your contacts on phone and images or videos stored in the internal storage of the device. If you want to keep something that is stored on your device then take a backup of it because after resetting your device you won’t be able to get your data back.

How to Perform a Factory Reset on Poco X2

How to Perform a Factory Reset on Poco X2

Steps for Factory Reset via Settings

  1. On your Xiaomi Poco X2 device, Open the app tray (Swipe up from the home screen)
  2. Go to the Settings of your device
  3. Select About Phone from the settings
  4. Select Backup and reset from there
  5. Then select either Erase all data / Factory data reset
  6. Now tap on Reset Phone and wait for 10 seconds.
  7. Click the Next button and again wait for 10 seconds
  8. Now tap on ok
  9. Done!!
  10. You have performed a factory reset on Xiaomi Poco x2

Steps to Perform a Factory Reset on Poco X2 via Recovery

If you don’t know anything about your device’s recovery and don’t want to hard reset your device using the settings app then don’t worry we will try to help you with this problem.

Note:- Some recoveries can be operated through the touch screen but most of them are only operated by some combination of buttons which are mentioned below:

  • You have to use Volume keys to select between each menu (UP and DOWN)
  • To select an option from the menu, you have to use the Power button.

Below we have mentioned the step by step procedure to Perform a Factory Reset on Poco X2 via recovery, you won’t have a problem in following this guide because it is created for the rookies. Follow the steps mentioned in this guide carefully.

  1. The first step would be switching off your device
  2. Now you have Press and hold Volume UP key + Power Key  on the Poco X2 device for some seconds until you see something
  3. Release the buttons once you get to see the MI logo on the screen.
  4. This is the recovery mode of your device, you have to select your language first.
  5. Use the key combinations we have told you earlier to navigate in the recovery menu.
  6. From the menu select the Wipe/Data option and press Power button for the conformation
  7. Done!!

That’s all on How to Perform a Factory Reset on Poco X2. If you have any questions and queries you can ask them out in the comment section below. Visit our blog for daily updates.


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