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How to Root HTC U12 plus without TWRP Recovery [100% working]

How to Root HTC U12 Plus without TWRP Recovery: Do you own an HTC U12 plus and are finding ways to root it without TWRP recovery then you can follow this guide. Most people have this question in their mind that if they can root their device without installing the TWRP custom recovery on their device, well yes you can root your device without installing any custom recovery on your device. Now when it comes to rooting a device there are many complications depending on the device to device. For your information, if you haven’t unlocked the bootloader of your device yet then you might need to do it before following this guide.

In order to root any device, there are some common steps that everyone has to follow, the first step would be unlocking the bootloader of your device. Now unlocking bootloader takes time depending on devices to devices like for Xiaomi devices you will be provided with the waiting time of over 100 hours to get the unlocking permission but with some devices, you can do it whenever you want. You cannot ignore the fact that unlocking the bootloader is very important if you want to root your device.


We have written this guide step by step so that you won’t face any problem following this guide. You guys will end up rooting your device successfully after following this guide only if you follow the steps written in it correctly. If you miss anything which we have mentioned in this guide then you may end up losing your device forever so go through the guide thoroughly.


Follow this guide at your own risk, if anything happens to your device after following this guide then we are not responsible for it. We are not saying that your device will be damaged following this guide but we are just warning you because rooting an android smartphone is a tricky thing so if you guys will not follow it carefully then it may end up on a bad note.

How to Root HTC U12 Plus without TWRP Recovery

There are many ways to root an android device but here we will talk about a specific method in which you don’t need to take the help of a custom recovery. If you don’t want to install the custom recovery on your device but still want to root your android device then you can follow this guide. We have mentioned all the steps on How to Root HTC U12 Plus without TWRP Recovery follow it carefully to get the expected results. Download the stock HTC U12+ firmware before proceeding to the guide.

How to Root HTC U12 plus without TWRP Recovery

Root HTC U12 plus without TWRP Recovery

How to Root HTC U12 Plus without TWRP Recovery ( Using Magisk)

  1. First of all, extract the stock boot image downloaded from the link provided above for the current firmware installed on your android device.
  2. Store the extracted folder inside the device’s storage safely.
  3. Now, Download the Magisk Manager APK and do install it on your device.
  4. Once it is installed successfully open the app.
  5. Inside the app, select the “Install” button then choose “Install” again.
  6. Now tap on the “Patch Boot Image File” option.
  7. Search for the extracted folder which you have saved on your device’s internal storage.
  8. Then you can see that Magisk will automatically patch the boot image.
  9. Once patching is done, connect your device to the PC again.
  10. Now you have to Copy the “patched_boot.img” file located inside /sdcard/MagiskManager/ to the PC folder located in C:\adb.
  11. While Holding the SHIFT key inside that ADB folder, right-click on an empty space inside the same folder.
  12. Select the option “Open PowerShell window here”.
  13. Run the following command to Boot your Android device into Download Mode.
    adb reboot download
  14. Now run this command to check the active slots.
    fastboot getvar current-slot
  15. Finally, run this command to flash the “patched_boot.img” in the active slot in order to root HTC U12 Plus without TWRP recovery.
    fastboot flash boot_a patched_boot.img


    fastboot flash boot_b patched_boot.img
  16. Once done, run the following command to reboot your phone:
    fastboot reboot

That’s all on How to Root HTC U12 Plus without TWRP Recovery ( Using Magisk). If you have any questions or queries regarding this post then you can comment them down in the comment section. Visit our blog daily for some refreshing content on technology.

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