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Guide to Unlock the Bootloader of Sony Xperia any device

Unlock the Bootloader of Sony

Unlocking the bootloader of Android devices is the initial setup for further customization, and enhancement. Almost all android devices comes with locked bootloader from manufacturers, to keep the users away from the primary system of the device. But at the same time these manufacturers also provides official methods for unlocking  Bootloader for those devices. In this guide we will discuss about how to unlock the Bootloader of Sony Xperia.

If your hold any Sony Xperia device, and whenever you want to customize it, then bootloader unlock will be the first step for further customization. In this guide I will show you how to unlock the Bootloader of Sony Xperia any device. Follow the complete guide don’t not skip any step.


Disclaimer: The guide can be used for Unlock the Bootloader of Sony Xperia any device, follow the complete guide step by step. However will not be held responsible for any damage, proceed at your own risk.


• Take a complete backup of your important data on the device. [Recommended not necessary]

• Install Sony USB driver on your PC for seamless connectivity. [Click here]

• Download & setup ADB/Fastboot drivers on your PC. [Click here]

• Enable USB Debugging Mode on your device. from [Settings > Developer options]


Steps to Unlock the Bootloader of Sony Xperia any device

Step-1: First head over to the Sony official page for unlock the bootloader and follow the instructions step by step to get an unlock code for the device. [Official Page]

Step-2: After receiving the unlock code by email, save it with you on your PC.

Step-3: Head over to ADB folder on C:\ drive of your folder, and open command window here. [Hold down shift key and right-click on any empty space of that folder, then click on “open command window here”]

Step-4: Now Turn off Xperia device, and then boot it on Fastboot Mode. To do so [Press and hold Volume up and plugin USB cable to connect with your PC]

Step-5: Then type the following commands in command prompt window and press enter.

“fastboot oem unlock code”

Step-6: In the above command replace the “Unlock code” with the actual code received from Sony via email, and wait for unlocking bootloader.

Step-7: Unlock successful, now enter this command to reboot your device.

“fastboot reboot”

That’s it, this was to Unlock the Bootloader of Sony Xperia any device.

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  • Hi.

    For the people with a Sony Xperia XA (Marshmallow), that are getting an error when trying to unlock the bootloader as the author stated, you can use:

    fastboot -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0x(unlock key from sony)

    After using the author’s method for about 10 times and getting errors, I used the code above and it locked the screen (fastboot), waited for 1 minute (hoping to get a “success” message but no), and unplugged the phone.

    After that, I rebooted the phone (since I couldn’t type “fastboot reboot” and VOILA… phone was unlocked.

    Also don’t forget to enable the “OEM unlocking” from the settings, under Developer options.

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