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Guide To Download HandShaker App For Android And Mac OS File Tranasfer

How to Download HandShaker app: HandShaker app is one of the most used and popular application. It allows users to transfer their data between Android and Mac. As we all know that Mac OS is does not provide a native feature like Windows to explore Android’s file system. So most of the users complaining about how they transfer files between their Android smartphone to Mac computer. They are searching for third party software to solve the issue. Here today we come with one of the best apps which are known as HandShaker app. Also, we share a direct link of this app, you can just download and install it by following given below detailed guide.

The Smartisan developed the HandShaker app for their Android devices but fortunately, the app works almost all the Android phones and tablets. So now with the help of HandShaker app, you can easily and quickly transfer your require data between Android smartphone to Mac computer. As mentioned that Android file transfer is very old and it needs further improvements or updated. To solve a lot of the problems with existing Android sync transfer protocols, the Smartisan has designed and developed a new sync transfer protocol. With this new update, it provides much better security, stability, and also improved transfer speeds. By following our given below step by step guide you can easily download and install HandShaker app and transfer data between Android and Mac computer.


Now those users who are facing the problems of transferring the data between Android and Mac. Now after listening to this great news that now they can download and install the HandShaker app. With the help of HandShaker app lets you smoothly transfer files without any hassles. The HandShaker application is very easy to use. If you are interested then follow the given instructions to get the HandShaker application on your phone and Mac computer.

Download HandShaker App For Android And Mac OS File Tranasfer
Download HandShaker App For Android And Mac OS File Tranasfer

Download HandShaker App 2.5.6

HandShaker App For Mac OS

HandShaker App For Window

Step To Download HandShaker App 2.5.6 and Install on your Computer:

  1. First, Download the HandShake app from above link and install it on your computer just like any other app.
  2. Now connect your phone using the USB cable to your Mac computer.
    Once you do that, a prompt will pop up on your Android phone as shown below. Tap view to continue.
  3. Once you tap on view, your default browser will open up prompting you to download HandShaker-official.apk . You can also get it from here.
  4. Navigate to the downloaded APK and install it on your phone.
  5. After the app installation, you will need to remove and plug in the USB cable (from your phone or computer) to reset the connection.
  6. When you plug in your phone again to your Mac computer, a prompt will appear on your phone asking you if you would like to set Handshaker as the default action. If you want you can tap OK or cancel to skip for now.
  7. That’s it, you have successfully configured Handshaker on your phone and Mac. Next, you will be able to view and transfer your phone files as shown below.
Guide To Download HandShaker App For Android And Mac OS File Tranasfer

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