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Guide to S-off and Root HTC One A9 with TWRP Recovery

S-off and Root HTC One A9

HTC One A9 released recently and is a latest smartphone from HTC. The device comes with a mid-range budget, but has an impressive hardware specification along with pretty nice performance, however most of the users trying to get the device full control and admin rights. Like other device the users can now customize their device through getting root access that allows users further customization. First you should have to Root HTC One A9.

Thanks to XDA member jcase, he has provided the procedure for the users. If you’re using this device and willing to get root access, then this guide is the right place for you. Carefully follow the step by step tutorial to Root HTC One A9.


Disclaimer: The guide allows you to Root HTC One A9 only, don’t use it for any other device. Also we will not be held liable for any mishaps, try it on your own risk.



• Take a proper backup of your important contents and apps data.

• Your device should have more than 70% battery charge, to avoid any critical shutdown.

• HTC USB driver should be installed on your windows PC. [Click here]

• Enable USB Debugging Mode on HTC One A9, navigate to [Settings > Developer options]

• If your root your device you may void the device warranty.

• Your device’s bootloader should be unlocked. Visit the Official page and follow the steps. [Link]

• You should have to install ADB and Fastboot drivers on your PC. How to?


Required Downloads:

Download the boot image file specific for your device’s build number. (Zip file number should match to your device builds number)

Download Boot image file- [Download Link]

Download Boot image file – [Download Link]

Download Boot image file – [Download Link]

Download Boot image file- [Download link]

Download Boot image file [Download Link]

Download [Click here]

Download [Click here]

Download custom recovery file for your particular device, from this page []


Steps to S-off and Root HTC One A9 with TWRP Recovery

1) First move the downloaded image file to the ADB folder on C:\ drive of PC, which you have installed in preparation section.

2) Now go to ADB folder on C:\ drive of PC and open Command prompt window on that folder, via [press and hold shift key + right click on any empty space] and then click on “Open Command Window here”.

3) Now connect your device to PC via USB cable and enter this command on CMD window to verify your device connectivity. > “adb devices”, if device found connected the go ahead.

4) Now boot your device into “download mode”. Via this command “adb reboot download”.

5) Now unzip the already downloaded boot file (you should find “xxx.img” file).

6) Then enter this command “fastboot flash boot xxx.image”. Replace the xxx.image part of the command with the actual name of boot.image file. Such as “fastboot flash boot a9-att.img”.

7) Now Boot your device into bootloader mode. by entering this command “fastboot reboot-bootloader”.

8) Now perform Factory reset your device.

9) Again boot into download mode and flash a custom recovery.

10) now flash the download TWRP recovery file using this command “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img”  (Replace ‘recovery.img’ with the actual file name of the recovery that you have downloaded).

11) Now boot the device into custom recovery using hardware buttons and mount data partition using the mount option in the custom recovery (mount > dev> block> mmcblk0p62 > data).

12) Unzip the “SU.ZIP” downloaded file and enter this command “adb push su.img /data/su.img”

13) Now “reboot” your device.

14) Next unzip the “” file and move the .apk file on the device internal storage.

15) Then on the device browse that SuperSU.apk and install normally. Or enter this command  “adb install superuser.apk”.

That’s it.

You’re done! This was how to Root HTC One A9


Credit. XDA

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