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How to charge smartphone battery fast and effective (Guide)

Charge Smartphone battery fast and effective

Charge Smartphone battery fast and effective

Battery life and charging status both are the headache of every smartphone users. Almost all smartphones users are struggling with this issue. Both problems are the main focus of the manufacturers but still not found any solid solution for the problem. In this guide, we are showing you some easy tips to Charge Smartphone battery fast and effective.

Users always trying to charge their devices quickly and to increase the backup time of battery. However, they have no time for charging the battery and use the device regularly. Some users are trying alternate batteries or fast charger while others have portable power backs. If you are one of those follow this guide and Charge Smartphone battery fast and effective.





How to charge smartphone battery fast and effective

Follow the under mentioned methods to Charge Smartphone battery fast and effective.

1: Turn Off Smartphone.

Keep your smartphone completely off while charging. This way you can charge your device quick and fast than it is ON. Also, you will get real and effective charging status.

2: Put your smartphone on airplane mode.

If you’re going for lunch or wash and cannot receive calls or somewhere you lost your signals then it’s better to keep you smartphone on airplane mode. This will save your battery life. And during charging it will be quick and fast.

3: Always turn on “battery saving mode”.

Battery saving mode is very much useful while using the device and during charging. When you are using it will reduce the battery consumption, while charging it will be fast and effective.

4: Turn OFF unnecessary features.

There are lots of features on any smartphone nowadays. Always keep off the unnecessary features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS etc. if you are not using any feature turn it off immediately. 

5: Keep the device display off.

While charging it’s much essential to keep the device display off. Don’t touch the screen again and again. Try to leave it only for charging and don’t use it for calls and messages.

6: Use original charger.

Nowadays there are lots of chargers manufacturers and most of those are low quality. Try to use an original or at least good quality charger. That’s beneficial for both the smartphone and you.

7: Use right voltage charger.

Also, keep in mind that the right voltage charger is very necessary for your smartphone. Don’t not use low or high voltage chargers that may brick your device while charging.

8: Use right USB port while charging.

It is very necessary to check the USB port of your laptop or desktop while you’re charging from. As the output power of new USB port USB 3 is 4.5 watts while the USB 2.0 port output is 2.5 watts.

9: Portable chargers/ Power Banks.

If you are a busy person and have a very little time for charging your smartphone then this is an option. Have a quality portable chargers/ power banks that will save your time and battery life.


These are some special tips to charge smartphone battery fast and effective.




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