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Why to root android system and the main benefits of rooting

Android smartphones manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC and Sony etc. has the operating system of Android for their smartphones and tablets. They always keep a separate and locked partition for that operating system and kept the users away from that partition. Users only have limited access on their devices and are only the operators. They cannot perform the basic functions and operations like an administrator. If they want to fully control the device then root Android system will be required.

Why to root android system and the main benefits of rooting

Why to root android system and the main benefits of rooting

The android is an open nature operating system and the developers are fully allowed and free to dig deep without any limitations to collaborate and improve the android system according to their will. Developers every time bring some new features, MODs, tweaks and lot of customizations in android system to improve the performance of the OS and the device.


Getting root access is one out of that and a basic operation that allows you to further customize your device. Root access is like the admin users on windows operating system. Root access allows you to completely modify any component of your OS. After rooting you can control your Android device according to your will. Today in this guide we are going to discuss the main benefits for getting root access on android device.

WARNING: Root Android system (stock system) of android is an unofficial task and will void the warranty of your device. Also, follow the provided instructions completely, otherwise you will soft brick your device and solely you will be responsible for it.


1. Install Root Specific Applications: Some applications are not compatible with stock system and you need first to root your device.

2. Flash Custom ROMs, Custom Recoveries and Custom Kernels: These are all the part of customization that’s need root access on android device.

3. Full Customization and Tweaks: After getting root access you can fully customize and tweaks your android smartphone.

4. Backup Everything: You can take full backup of your data, ROM and other settings after you are an administrator of and got root access.

5. Overclock / Under-clock processor: You can increase you processer speed only if you have root access and are admin user.

6. Enhance Performance: After rooting you can enhance the performance of your device’s CPU.

7. Battery Life: Through root access you can increase the backup time of your device’s battery.

8. WiFi Tethering: With WiFi Tethering you can share your internet with other smartphones users or any WiFi device that in some condition and on some devices is not allowed and is restricted.

9. Screen Recoding of Android: In a rooted device you can easily record your’s device screen video that is currently playing and you cannot download it. Or any movements you want to record as a tutor for other users. For that you only have to download a nice screen recording application from Google play store or somewhere else.

10. You can install third-party apps and remove unnecessary manufacturer’s default applications (Bloatware) only if you have root access.

That’s some special benefits to root android system.


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