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Top 5 Best Free Calendar Apps for Android Devices

Here we are with another app comparison between best calendars apps available on play store. Calendar is  also an important thing in our day to day life. Some users might not take interest in choosing the best calendar app they just ignore it and install any app or will use the stock Calendar app. They might think that what’s the difference between different calendar app but no, there are major differences. In this article we are going to discuss which is the most popular and best calendar app. The app which we are going to discuss here are absolutely free on play store. To know Which is the best calendar app for android devices then read this article from tip to toe.

The comparison is done on the following grounds of app’s:

  • Size
  • Features
  • Interface
  • Options
  • Smoothness
  • Reviews
  • Rating

We have listed 5 of the best calender apps available on play store which you can use on your android phone. These 5 apps were first tested and then listed. The list contains the top 5 and the best free calendar app for android devices of 2018.

Top 5 and the bestcalendar apps for android devices

best calendar apps for android devices

1.) Google Calender

Top 5 Best Free Calendar Apps for Android Devices

Google is the leading brand which provides their customer and users the best services they can so, you can trust google calendar to be the best calendar app available till yet. The Google calendar gives you some basic features which can make things lots easier. To install Google calendar visit playstore app on an android smartphone and download google calendar.

2.) ZenDay

Top 5 Best Free Calendar Apps for Android Devices

Zenday is also an amazing app with some extra features, it’s not only a calendar app but also a to-do list app in which you can store the schedules on the dates and many more. ZenDay is also a trusted app on google playstore with play protect verification, it’s safe to install ZenDay on your smartphone using Google Playstore.

3.) Jorte

best calendar app

Jorte is another famous calendar app. Jorte helps you to store the schedules on the dates wanted and you can also add locations to visit on that date, you just have to click the location when that date arrives and it will open google maps plus this app gives you a lot more customization option like themes and wallpapers and background and all. You can get this app on Google Play Store easily.

4) Business Calendar

best calendar app

Business calendar is the basic calendar app which provide you dates and lets you to save the events which you want to remember on your chosen date. It can also sync your calendar data on Google drive so that your data must be saved. It’s a nice app to use but still we have some good choices then this app which are listed above.

5.) aCalendar

Top 5 Best Free Calendar Apps for Android Devices

It’s a colorful android calendar application which was famous for it’s user friendly interface which can help users to use this app more easily. This is a basic type of calendar app which cannot do anything extra from any other android calendar app.

That’s all on Top 5 Best Free Calendar Apps for Android Devices. Keep visiting us to get more interesting things.

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