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Honor 7X Phone Coming with latest features and specs on December 5!

Honor 7x

the new Honor 7X releasing on 5 December is equipped with all the right tools if you want style and quality without compromising on money!

It is a fair time now, to get excited, and for all the right reasons. With Christmas on its way and the winter ahead, Huawei unleashes it’s new and the hottest smartphone in the honor series ‘Honor 7X’.

Designed to give a sleek view and keeping in line with the competitors iPhoneX and Galaxy 8, Honor 7X is all the right choice if you want the stylish device that is yet affordable. Releasing on 5 of December, Honor 7X will make for a perfect Christmas/New Year present.

Honor 7x

Honor 7x Specs

Features of Honor 7X:

Encased in Dark blue metallic casing, Honor 7X has a slim sleek body that is stylish and easy to hold and carry. What really gives this device an edge over the Galaxy 8 and iPhoneX, is the price which is below an estimated $369. (the official price is not disclosed yet). This is ideal for those who want sleek trendy phones without spending much.


The new Huawei Honor 7X comes with an overall 3,340mAh (non-removable) battery. And is equipped with the manufacturer made Kirin 659 processor. With 4 GB of RAM and Android Nougat, the company has announced an update to Oreo next year.

Honor 7X still has the same charging method, the micro USB instead of the now trending USB-C but such minor features can be omitted keeping in view the larger picture.

The fingerprint scanner is located at the back of the phone which is now a must in latest smartphones. But the most important thing in the latest version of the Honor series is its size that is a whopping 5.93 inches! The display takes the major part of the screen, a feature present in the Galaxy 8, but of a considerable low price.

screen resolution is 2,160X1,080 pixels, with 4K resolution. A special anti-glare feature makes it easy to use outside, without causing strain to eyes. The text is sharper and clear.


Honor 7X Phone Coming with latest features and specs on December 5!

the Camera of Honor 7X demands a special attention. The 16 MP back camera has a second lens for an in-depth information. The autofocus feature helps to make the selected object more prominent by blurring out the background.

The front camera is 8MP that can adjust a maximum number of people without squeezing. It has portrait capturing option like the iPhone X.

The one drawback of Honor 7X is it’s not- waterproofing. With the sleek design and the features available in this price, it is somewhat ignorable.

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