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Guide to Unlock the Bootloader of Google Nexus Smartphones and Tablets

Unlock the Bootloader of Google Nexus

Just like other android devices the Google Nexus smartphones and Tablets also has the bootloader locked and when your are going to customize or enhance the performance of your device through the installation of different types of third party applications, first you should have to unlock the bootloader of Google Nexus device. Although this task involves certain risk and the manufacturer considers that an unofficial operation and they void your device warranty, but meantime the manufacturers also providing the official procedures for unlocking the bootloaders of your device.


In case the user of Nexus smartphone or tablet willing to Unlock the Bootloader of Google Nexus device, then this simple guide will make you able  to Unlock the Bootloader of Google Nexus devices in a few minutes.

Disclaimer: This tutorial is only to Unlock the Bootloader of Nexus Smartphones and Tablets, don’t try it on other devices like HTC etc, also we are not held responsible for any damage caused by following this guide, try it on your own risk.




Steps to Unlock the Bootloader of Google Nexus Smartphones and Tablets

Step-1: Turn off your Nexus device completely.

Step-2: Now boot your Nexus device into bootloader/ fastboot mode. through [Keeping Pressed Volume up + Volume down + Power button at the same time] Until you see some text on the device display.

Step-3: Now connect your Nexus device to the computer via USB cord,

Step-4: Now locate and open Minimal ADB/Fastboot folder ( C\Program files (x86)\Minimal ADB )

Step-5: Now open command window here, by [press and hold Shift key + Right click on any white empty space inside the folder, and select Open command window here]

Step-6: Now type the command “fastboot devices” in the command prompt window.

  • This will display the list of connected devices to your PC. Check your’s device on that list if not listed then re-install the USB drivers again or Change the USB port.

Step-7: Now after your device is listed and connected properly, enter the following command to unlock the bootloader of your device.

fastboot oem unlock

Step-8: Now on your Nexus device screen you will see the message to “unlock bootloader or not”. Then by using volume key navigate to “Yes” and then press power key to select and confirm your action.

Wait until your device reboots.


That’s all.

Cheers! Now unlock the bootloader of Google Nexus smartphone/ tablet has done successfully.



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