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Always on Display with Ambient Clock app on any android device

After LG G5, Galaxy S7, and S7 Edge also appeared with the Always on display feature. That empowers those devices to show the date and time on the display automatically when the device stays idol for some time. It shows date and time on the locked screen. “Always on Display” also drains the device battery at some extent. However, that gives the users a pretty nice look, style, and facility to check time quickly. Today I am sharing the ambient clock app that will give you the same feature on any android device.

Ambient Clock serves you “Always on Display” feature on any android device. Download the app from play store or this thread of XDA. Install on your device and make “Always on Display” on your android device. And your will never need to press power button every time you check the time on your device.


The Ambient clock will keep an Elegant Clock on your lock screen and that remains on over the display of your device. And you could check the time without pressing the power button. However, the app is best fitted with AMOLED Display and don’t drain the battery too. Also, you can customize the app setting any time. Keep the clock according to your choice and device display.

Always on Display with Ambient Clock app

Always on Display with Ambient Clock app.

Ambient Clock Features:

  • Bundles of clock fonts available.
  • Change Fonts size/ Color.
  • Manage the opacity of the clock.
  • Show/ hide seconds option.
  • Doesn’t heating up the screen.
  • Notification for SMS/Miscalls etc.
  • Extra feature: double tap to unlock the device.

Download Ambient Clock app on any android device. [Download Link]

Note: always use default stock lock screen for best performance. set the screen brightness and opacity of the clock as low as possible. That will save the battery and prevent heating up the device.

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Credits: Turki Alkhateeb.


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