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How To Repair IMEI Number On Samsung Devices [Complete Guide]

If you are the Samsung Android phone users and your device giving the message “not registered on network”. Then you got worried about that because something was wrong with your Samsung phone. Mostly this kind of message is coming when an IMEI number has been changed or the IMEI number is null. Here we share a detailed guide on how to repair the IMEI number on Samsung devices. The null IMEI problem mostly we saw when we manually update our device without confirming the baseband. By following given below step by step guide you can fix the entire problem related to your network and also repairs your unknown baseband.

Repair IMEI Number On Samsung Devices

Repair IMEI Number On Samsung Devices

First of all, we must know that what IMEI number is. International Mobile Equipment Identity is also known as IMEI. The IMEI number is very important in your phone for any activities like GSM Network Providers; block the phone when it is stolen or lost. The IMEI number is the only unique number which is no found another phone. The IMEI number is only used for identifying the device. Without an IMEI number, the phone is equal to invalid. So for any reason, your Samsung devices IMEI number has been changed or the IMEI number is null. You can now easily change your IMEI number or restore your IMEI number. Change the IMEI number is illegal but without changed you can’t remove the message “not registered on network”.


Not necessary but we advise you to take backup of all your important data. If you are interested in repair the IMEI number on Samsung devices then go ahead and follow the given steps.

How to Repair IMEI Number Of Samsung Devices:

  1. First, Turn on the Samsung Galaxy smartphone.
  2. Now, Open up the dialer and enter – *#06# to check your IMEI number.  If the message “IMEI Null” shows up, then the settings need to be reconfigured to fix the no signal or not register on network problem
  3. Type- *#197328640# or *#*#197328640#*#* from the dialer
  4.  Your Samsung phone now in Command mode provided On the screen, Select on Common.
  5. Now select “Option 1” (Field Test Mode), if FTM is on, turn it “OFF”
    • This will alter and restore the nulled IMEI number and it’s important to press the “Menu” key button before leaving the “Command” screen for this to go into effect.
  6. Select Key input and enter option 2 which will turn your FTM OFF
  7. Wait for a minute.  Remove your battery and SIM card for two minutes, place your battery in your phone back but not the SIM card. Turn on the device then.
  8. Type in (*#197328640#) on the dial pad
  9. Now Select the Debug Screen and then select phone control.
  10. Click on nas control.
  11. Click  RRC (HSDPA)
  12. To fix not registered on the network or Null IMEI #, click RRC revision
  13. Choose the released of your phone, here we will choose option 5 (HSDPA only)
  14. Turn off the Samsung Galaxy and reinsert the SIM card
  15. Reboot your phone.

Done. you have successfully changed or repair IMEI number of Samsung Devices. If you have any query or issue feel free to contact us!

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