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How to Enable Huawei’s App Twin Feature on Any EMUI 5 Device

Those who are the EMUI 5 Smartphone users get ready to access the smart feature to receive further advantages. Most of the apps in the Android specifically messenger applications designed to access the phone numbers for single SIM devices. If you log in Viber, Whatsapp, etc in one account as well the dual-SIM device users utilize the services Whatsapp and many OEMs Huawei and Xiaomi. The features enable the users to access the two same apps on the same device. The Huawei App Twin on the EMUI 5 apparently disabled. Others users also go through the third-party in the Play store apps such as App Cloner, Parallel Space, PrivateMe and so on. Some of the apps bloated and consume several resources in the device background. In addition to, many newly launched Huawei Smartphone already includes the App twin feature. It looks waste of storage along with resources to add the various app for accessing the same thing. You can see the pretty options accessible Facebook, Whatsapp, WeChat, and QQ. Huawei decided to place the App twin feature in the settings hiding n the advanced settings or apps or somewhere. This displays what the people need to utilize it and some older devices updated to the newer EMUI 5 to get the feature. XDA senior member shashank1320 found out a way to enable the App Twin feature on any smartphone running EMUI 5.

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The requirements to access the feature in the EMUI device rooted device which running currently EMUI 5 or advanced. The file explorer can do the root operations.

Steps to Enable App Twin

Huawei’s App Twin Feature-min

Here, you can make sure the guides to turn on App twin need to root access due the method include making some changes in the local.prop file. The file initiated in the /system/emui/lite/prop/ folder. In the file explorer, you can find out the file named as local.prop. It is the right idea to make the files back up before you do the changes. You can simply copy and paste the file anywhere and rename it to local.prop.bak and then move the file again to the same original directory. Now, you can see two files present named local.prop along with local.prop.bak.

You can get at any time and go back how easily remove the local.prop file and consider renaming the local.prop.bak to local.prop. You need to open the local.prop in the text editor and many file managers obtain in-built text editor, but if you installed any other text-editor you can simply open the file. The text-editor choice is yours and find out the lines mentioned below.

fw.max_users=1                                            (change 1 to 2)
fw.show_multiuserui=0                                     (change 0 to 1)
ro.config.hw_support_clone_app=false                (change false to true)

After making the above changes the lines now look like below.


Now, you can make the changes saved and reboot the device. After your device comes back up and find out the app twin feature in the settings.

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