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Top 10 Best Health and Fitness apps for Android [2020]

Top 10 Best Health and Fitness Apps for Android: We must keep track of our fitness and health to stay fit and healthy. But In today’s busy life It’s hard to focus on yourself. We don’t get enough time to keep track of our bodies or to go to see doctors from time to time for checkups. Due to which our body has suffered a lot. But not more, In this Era of technology, as technology continues to advance we don’t have to suffer more of this. Now there are electronic devices as well applications by which we can keep a track of our health.

Technology has gone so far that we have developed some applications for bodybuilders, runners, and athletes which will tell them about their calorie burnt, protein intake, etc. Guys if you also want to keep a track of your physical health by these apps, So stick in here with us guys.


Top 10 Best Health and Fitness Apps for Android

We are mentioning “Top 10 Best Health and Fitness Apps for Android in 2020”.Which you can simply download from your official AppStore or google play. So go through the full article and find your app to keep track of your health and fitness.

Top 10 Best Health and Fitness apps for Android

Top 10 Best Health and Fitness apps for Android [2020]

Top 10 Best Health and Fitness Apps for Android [2020]


1. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

If you want to lose weight, tone up, get healthy or want to start a new habit or something, then this app can be really useful for you. It can scan barcodes to check and tell you about the proteins and nutrients in it. Simply download this app from your official AppStore and start working on yourself for a happier and healthier living.

2. Adidas Training by Runtastic

You can use this app to log your exercise and fitness. Boost your energy and fitness level with short and quick workouts. It has some additional features like Workout creator, bodyweight training, etc. Just open the play store or your official AppStore and download this simple app and take one step further to your dream body.


JEFIT is one of the best personal training applications available online. It has exercise routine planner, Home personal trainer, Bodybuilding strength program and much more. There are also videos of workouts available for you, to perform them can also move to its pro version with extra features by just paying a small amount.

4. Home Workout

Home Workout - No Equipment
Home Workout - No Equipment

This is for fast bodybuilding at home without any type of equipment.It provides your workout routines for all body muscles. All the workouts are designed in a way so that gym equipment is not compulsory for a workout. So that you can make a gym-like body at home without going to the gym.

5. Fooducate

Do you want to keep a track of the nutrients and proteins present in the food you’re taking ?. Then this app is the solution to your problem. If you want to lose weight or to gain some then you can use this app to create a perfect diet chart for yourself.

6. Endomondo

Endomondo - Running & Walking
Endomondo - Running & Walking

This is a very popular app, you can keep track of your training and performance it also had a social interacting feature to track your friend’s fitness too. You can use this to plan a training schedule for yourself and your friends too.

7. Google Fit

This is a very amazing fitness tracker app by google. You can run it not only on your smartphones but also on your smartwatches too. You can set your personal goals. It tracks your move minutes, calculates Heart points and much more.

8. Calm

Calm - Meditate, Sleep, Relax
Calm - Meditate, Sleep, Relax

As we know only physical exercise isn’t enough to maintain fitness. We do need to keep our minds fit and healthy also. This app delivers you a full guide for meditation to keep you calm, reduce anxiety, encourage deep sleep. It is a perfect meditation app for beginners.

9. Nike Training Club

This fitness app has free workouts and personalized training plans you can do anytime and anywhere. It has some exciting additional features like Focused Bodypart workouts, Boxing, yoga and mobility workouts and much more. Download this simple app from the play store or your official AppStore and start working out at home.

10. Progression Workout Tracker

Use this app, make your workout plans, break out won records and start living a happy and healthy life. Use the rest timer to ensure you don’t rest too long or too little between the exercises. This app is available on play store or you can download it from the official AppStore of your android for free.

That’s all on Top 10 Best Health and Fitness apps for Android. If you have any questions or queries you can ask them out in the comment section. Visit our blog daily to know more about tech.

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