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How to take Screenshot with Samsung smartphones

Taking a Screenshot on your Samsung android smartphone’s  is not a hard job now, here are some different methods of taking Screenshot in Samsung smartphones, and you all are familiar with the importance and use of screenshot function, which also give you the option from taking to editing and sharing of what on your phone screen appears, so in this guide we will discuss about different method of How to take Screenshot with Samsung smartphones.

How to take Screenshot with Samsung smartphones

How to take a Screenshot with Samsung smartphones

if you got confusion for How to take screenshot with Samsung smartphones, take it easy there are three ways of taking screenshots, Follow the below tips.


1. Pressing The Physical Buttons: (With old type phones)
This is the mostly used method for taking screenshot in smartphones

With Pressing the physical buttons which are placed on the front and side of the most Samsung smartphone.
simply press and hold the Home key and the Power button at once for just a movement, you will hear a sound and see an animation appear on the display capturing the screen.

2. Swipe Hand:

In latest models of Samsung a sensor is installed inside the phone and when swipe hand over the phone it automatically capture the screen.

Method : Set your hand vertically on either side of the and swipe it to other side horizontally over your phone screen it will automatically capture the screen.

2. Using Android apps:
Now a days google play store and many other Android apps market offerings different types of Android apps just for free so its very easy to find a good type of app among them.

“Screenshot Easy”
I recommend you “screenshot easy ” for you all.
This is simple easy and most powerful app for taking screenshot in almost all Android smartphones.
By this app you not only take screenshot but also can edit and share at the same time when you take it.
Go to Google Play Store download the app, install it and then run and go to options for enabling the screenshot button on screen.
When the button enabled on screen you will see an icon by pressing that a screenshot will automatically  save in the gallery.

That’s it.


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