Android Custom Recoveries How to LG Root

Root LG Devices -Most LG Models runnig Android KitKat or Lollipop

Root LG Devices -Most LG Models

As we know that almost all manufacturers of Android devices keeps controlled a lot of options and commands in your Android device to prevent you and your apps from gaining full administrative access on the android operating system of yours devices. Even the most expensive smartphones and tablets for which you paid a lot of money but still you have no access for most of these hidden commands. For gaining access to that area will need to root your device and get access to perform a lot of useful tasks i.e. to install Custom ROMs, deleting bloatware, overclocking processor,  undervolt your device for to save battery charge, to customize UI, to run rooted apps and much more. For rooting an android device a lot post are available, but in our guide you will find an easy and simple method to Root LG Devices -Most LG Models Using “LG One-Click Root” running on Android KitKat and Lollipop.


Rooting is one of the most important and useful tasks in almost all android devices for all users. By rooting you get the ultimate power and control over your device, which allows you to tweak the hidden layers of your device’s android OS. Follow this guide step by step if you willing to Root LG Devices -Most LG Models Using “LG One-Click Root”. This script should work on devices running on Android KitKat or Lollipop, Devices checked so for includes: LG G2 ( all variants), LG G2 Mini, LG G Pro 2, LG G Pad, LG F60, LG L90, LG Tribute, LG Spirit, LG Volt, LG G Vista, LG G3 (all variants), LG G3 Beat and might also work on other LG models, you can also try it on the devices not included in the list



  • Backup your important data on your device first
  • your device must have sufficient charge at leat 50%

Or v1.2 if 1.3 doesn’t work for you [Click here]

  • EnableUSB Debugging mode on your LG smartphone [phone setting> Developer options> USB Debugging]


Steps to Root LG Devices -Most LG Models Using “LG One-Click Root”

Step-1: Extract/ Unzip the downloaded Root Script v1.3 file and install it on your PC

Step-2: Connect your LG device to your PC with USB data cable and confirm that your device is detected.

Step-3: Browse to the installed LG ROOT SCRIPT folder and Run the tool.

Step-4: Click on the start button and follow the on-screen instructions till the process finished.


Root LG Devices -Most LG Models


* If this version v1.3 does,t work properly on your device, then execute the Root Script v1.2


Double click and Run “LG Root Script.bat” on LG Root Script v1.2 folder


Root LG Devices -Most LG Models


Step-5: Follow the on-screen instructions till the process finished.

*Debugging methods.

i) Switch between MTP and PTP options in developer options if the device is not recognised

ii) Install Visual C++ Re- distributable on your PC, if  missing dll error displays, [Download Link]

iii) Try again any one of the above script


That’s it,

Your LG is now rooted. Enjoy


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