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How to Reset Factory Setting in Andriod Smartphones [Samsung, LG, Motorola]

If your phone is become very slow or performing unsatisfactory or any other reason and you want to reset your phone there are three different ways to reset your phone.

Reset Factory Setting in Andriod

How to Reset Factory Setting in Andriod Smartphones

it’s very easy and safe procedure to reset your smartphone however we ( are not responsible for any kind of damage, try this at your own risk.


your phone must have sufficient battery (at least 50%)
Backup your important data.

1) Reset by Go to setting.
Go to main setting of your phone. select “Backup & reset” then “Factory data reset” Then Confirm your action the phone will reboot and reset all settings.

2) Reset by Keys Combination
Press and hold the correct keys to boot the device into recovery mode. This will vary for different companies and some models, examples:
LG: Volume Down+ Power.
Samsung: Volume Up + Home + Power.
Motorola: Home + Power.
Devices With Camera Buttons: Volume Up + Camera.

3) Reset by Boot application
* Download boot app from google app and install.
* open the app and select recovery mode.
* when recovery mode screen appears move up/down by volume key up/down.
* and then by volume key navigate to “wipe data/factory reset” and select it by power key.
* confirm your action, factory reset will start.

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