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Guide to Download and Install YouTube Go-Android APK

A long period in beta. Now, the light version of YouTube is available in its final version. This was released by Google on 9th February 2017. Using YouTube Go, you can download videos of various qualities. Also, you can send local copies to nearby friends via Bluetooth. YouTube even works in areas with weaker connections. The application can be directly downloaded from the Play Store. If you prefer, you can also download the APK. here I will tell you about “download, install YouTube Go-Android APK”.

Everyone is not lucky to have a fast internet connection or an unlimited data plan. So, YouTube has introduced a light version of its app. A free application that allows you to download YouTube videos to watch later. Before leaving the house, you can download a video that you want to watch later in free time without using your mobile data.



 Download and install YouTube Go-Android APK

This version of the app is compatible with versions from Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

YouTube Go app is designed to reduce data usage and allows you to either download or stream YouTube videos. It’s Fast and light which means the phone won’t hang. Along with downloading Videos, it also allows you to share videos easily.

It is a free, official app from Google. That’s designed for mobile devices, in particular, those that are on mobile networks.YouTube Go is especially useful in areas with older 2G or 3G networks. It contains the variety of features that make the YouTube more bandwidth-conscious and help avoid buffering.

The flexibility of Youtube Go-android APK:

YouTube Go app allows you to watch videos even when you’re saving data, or when you’re in a region (or country) that doesn’t provide fast downloading of data. If you are on the 2G network so the app is designed to make it all feasible. You can set a size cap (in megabytes) for videos you watch, limit the bandwidth and data they consume. Hence, the app has most of YouTube’s existing features, such as comment discussions and recommendations.

Use where ever you are:

Basically, YouTube Go has features that are useful whether or not you frequently use data. Even if you only occasionally watch videos without wi-fi, and live in an Internet-heavy region. It integrates standard YouTube features such as recommendations which make the app great to use.

Method 1:

Download and install YouTube Go-Android APP From PlayStore:-

Following these steps you can install an external app:

  1. Activate install applications from unknown sources (You can find this in Settings ->Security ->Unknown Sources).
  2. Search for the App in Play Store by typing (YoutubeGo). or just click on download button below.

YouTube Go
YouTube Go
Developer: Google LLC
Price: To be announced

  1. Now Click on the app for installing.
  2. After installation process completed, open this app.
  3. Now you can see the language pages. Select your language and press next.

Method 2:

Download and install YouTube Go-Android APK:-

  1. First, download the APK file: Link
  2. Once the file download then Activate install applications from unknown sources (You can find this in Settings ->Security ->Unknown Sources).
  3. Now click on the APK file to install Youtube GO.
  4. Once installed then open and watch the videos with more features.

Enjoy 🙂

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