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How to Install TWRP 3.0 Recovery and Root Huawei Mate 9

Good news for Huawei Mate 9 users, now you can Root Huawei Mate 9 via SuperSU zip package. Here we provide you the easiest guide to Install TWRP Recovery and Root Huawei Mate 9. As usual, the advanced users of smartphones want to get root access on their Android device. The Huawei Mate 9 users are also nowadays searching to Root Huawei Mate 9 on the latest Android Nougat firmware. So, here we share the complete and concise step by step tutorial to Install TWRP Recovery and Root Huawei Mate 9. Yes, you can find here everything, just follow the entire guide, don’t miss any step.

Huawei mate 9 is one of the latest smartphones of Huawei, released in the last quarter of 2016. Mate 9 has all the latest features with pretty nice performance. You might all be aware of the hardware specs. It is one of the good performers however, you can further enhance it with some custom operations. So, first you will have install TWRP and then Root Huawei Mate 9. Also, it will void the warranty and you will not be able to get OTA updates onwards. However, root access allows you to get full admin rights and control over the device. You will then install custom ROMs, third party apps and remove bloatware etc. if you really interested then go ahead and follow the full guide.


Note: The under mentioned tutorial is specifically intended to Install TWRP Recovery and Root Huawei Mate 9 [MHA-L29, /L09, /AL00, /TL01].  So, don’t try for any other purpose or any other device. Also, flashing firmware and root involves risks. We strive to provide you highly accurate method but don’t claim to be free from any error. So, entirely flash and proceed at your own risk.

Install TWRP 3.0 Recovery and Root Huawei Mate 9

Install TWRP 3.0 Recovery and Root Huawei Mate 9.




Pre- Requisites:

  • Perform a full backup of the existing data on Mate 9. Like contact, gallery items, text messages and app data etc.
  • Also, make sure that the battery of Mate 9 has at least 70% charging level.
  • Install the USB driver of Huawei or Hi-suite on your PC, for seamless connectivity. | Link
  • Also, Mate 9 should have unlocked bootloader. | unlock here
  • Enable USB Debugging Mode and OEM Unlock on Mate 9, go to Settings Developer options.
  • Download and install ADB & Fastboot drivers on the PC. | Windows UsersMac Users


TWRP-3.0.3-1-Hi3660.Img. | Link

Phh’s SuperSU-R275.Zip. | Link

Superuser_2.0_Beta_9. Apk.| Link


Steps to Install TWRP Recovery and Root Huawei Mate 9


I) Install TWRP Recovery

  1. Download and the twrp-3.0.3-1-hi3660.img file and then rename as “recovery.img”.
  2. Now move the recovery.img file into already installed ADB Folder” at C:\ drive of the PC.
  3. Follow this in-depth guide to install the TWRP img file → Install TWRP via Fastboot commands on any android device.
  4. Done!


II) Root Huawei Mate 9

  1. Now download and copy the phh’s SuperSU Zip file from the above link and then copy to the device internal storage.
  2. Then follow this concise guide → Install SuperSU via TWRP Recovery on any device.
  3. After flashing phh’s SuperSU Zip via recovery, also CopySuperSU APK” into the device and install it from the File Manager.
  4. Done!

So that’s how to Install TWRP Recovery and Root Huawei Mate 9. If there is any issue, don’t hesitate to contact us via the discussion section below.


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