How to Downgrade Oneplus Stock ROMs

How to Restore OnePlus 6 Stock Oxygen OS ROM [Guide]

Hello, folks, we are here again to serve you the OnePlus 6 Stock Oxygen OS ROM. OnePlus 6 Stock Oxygen OS ROM is now available to download, so you can download and install it on OnePlus 6. If in case you have rooted your OnePlus 6 or installed any bugged custom ROM and want to switch back to the stock ROM then this guide can help you as in this guide we will tell you the easiest way to restore Stock Oxygen OS ROM on OnePlus 6. If you want to install Stock Oxygen OS ROM on OnePlus 6 then you have to follow this guide carefully.

A stock ROM is better than any custom ROM for every device. A stock ROM is built and tested under the team of professional developers and a custom ROM is mostly built by fresh developers and it’s not tested that much. A custom ROM might provide the latest features and options but a stock ROM will provide the best features for your device according to it’s capability. It’s better to switch back to a stock ROM if you face difficulties in using a custom ROM. OnePlus 6 Stock Oxygen OS ROM is best for the device.


In order to install stock ROM on OnePlus 6 follow this guide carefully as each and every step is essential to be followed, if in case you miss any step you may end up bricking your phone and after that you might not get it back so be careful. We have arranged the guide step by step so that you can follow it easily. Install stock ROM on OnePlus 6.

Things to know before Installing a stock ROM

Disclaimer is not responsible for any kind of damage caused to your device while following this guide. Proceed at your own risk.


Stock Oxygen OS ROM on OnePlus 6

Steps to Restore OnePlus 6 Stock Oxygen OS ROM

OnePlus 6 Stock Oxygen OS ROM

Restore OnePlus 6 Stock Oxygen OS ROM

  • Connect your OnePlus 6 to Computer via USB Cable, Wait for the driver installation finishes
  • In your ADB fastboot folder, open a command prompt window by pressing Shift Key + Right Mouse Click
  • Now type the command in window
    adb devices
  • Now boot OnePlus 6 into Recovery mode
  • In the recovery mode, open the following ADB Sideload option,
    • In TWRP,  Advanced >> ADB Sideload
  • Move the zip file (Stock ROM) that you want sideload to your phone to the ADB Fastboot folder and rename it
  • Now run the below command in CMD screen.
    adb sideload
  • Wait until Installation process Complete.
  • Reboot the Phone.
  • Done

That’s all on how you can install OnePlus 6 Stock Oxygen OS ROM easily.

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