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Guide to Unlock the Bootloader of Google Nexus 5

Unlock the Bootloader of Google Nexus 5

Almost all android manufacturers keep locked the bootloader of their android devices in order to keep the users of these devices away from the root system of these devices. As it involves certain security risks, but at the same time these manufacturers officially unlock the bootloader of these android devices. To provide the maximum control over the device, to enhance the performance of your device and give customization options. Such as installation custom ROMs, Rooting, install third party applications, uninstall bloatware etc.


If you have the Nexus 5 smartphone and willing to Unlock the Bootloader of Google Nexus 5 then this is the right guide for you with a very simple steps. Follow the complete steps, don’t skip any step.




Steps to Unlock the Bootloader of Google Nexus 5

Step-1: Download the Nexus 5 Bootloader Unlock file and extract it on your PC.[Click here]

Step-2: Turn off your phone, and boot it into bootloader/ fastboot mode.

  • [Hold Volume Up + Volume Down + then press Power button]


Step-3: Now locate and open the Nexus 5 Bootloader Unlock folder on your PC and open command prompt window

  • [press and hold Shift key + Right click on any white space inside the folder, and select Open command window here]


Step-4: Now connect your phone to the PC, and type the command “fastboot devices” in the command prompt window.

  • This will list the connected devices. Check your phone’s serial number in the list if not listed then re-install the USB drivers again or Change the USB port.


Step-5: Now If your phone is listed and connected properly, enter the command “fastboot oem unlock to unlock the bootloader of your device.


Step-6: Now on the Nexus 5 screen you will see the message to “unlock bootloader or not”. Then by using Volume key select “Yes” and then press power key to confirm the action.


That’s all.

Cheers! Now the bootloader of your Nexus 5 is unlocked successfully.



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