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Guide to Fix Winterboard error on jailbroken iOS 9 (winterBoard not working)

Fix Winterboard error on jailbroken iOS 9

Recently we have posted on iOS 9 jailbreaking with Pangu. But the users were facing some bugs and issues with Cydia apps and tweaks. Although the developers are still working on updating the jailbreak process, they also brought some improvements and fixed the major error. Now they have also fixed one of the most common bugs of Cydia tweak winterboard not working. There is also some other cydia apps which need more improvement but for the time being if you have a jailbroken device and want to fix Winterboard error, so here in this post you will find an easy tutorial for the solution of that problem.


The error of winterboard failing was due to some coding incompatibility with Apple latest operating system. The veteran iOS 9 user @Sn0wd3n worked for making the WinterBoard app fully compatible with iOS 9. If you are facing winterboard not working issue, and want to resolve it then follow the below thread step by step.

Steps to Fix Winterboard error on jailbroken  iOS 9 (WinterBoard not working)

  1. First launch Cydia and install iFile.
  2. Uninstall the already installed Winterboard from Cydia from your device.
  3. Now download Winterboard.deb file and install it your device via iFile. [Click here]
  4. Now on iFile navigate to the application, and locate the Winterboard app and rename it with
  5. Now install iClearner from Cydia.
  6. Now with iCleaner Cydia will update the Winterboard, if already updated, just lunch it, and hit the “Clean” button.
  7. Respire your device and then go back to applications folder via iFile and rename back to
  8. Now launch iCleaner once again and tap on “Clean” button.
  9. Launch iCleaner once again and then tap on the “Clean” button. This will re-update WinterBoard after the changes, to take effect.

That’s it, applying this practice will fix Winterboard error, and your device will work normally on jailbroken  iOS 9.

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