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Guide to Enter Recovery Mode and Hard Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 3 (all variants)

Hard Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 3

Hard-reset also factory reset is a term most commonly used for smartphones and tablets. That’s basically mean deleting or wiping complete data on a device’s internal storage. as well as restoring factory default settings. In this guide, I am going to teach you how to hard Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 3 all variants.

Recovery mode is a hidden partition on android devices. that stores the basic commands and operations of a device. If you want to use those operations and commands, you will first need to access that partition via booting your device on that partition.


If you are a user of Galaxy Note 3 and needs to factory restore or hard reset SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 3, then study this guide completely and find a step by step tutorial to hard Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 3. Don’t skip any step.

DISCLAIMER: This guide will wipe all your data, so first take a complete backup of your important data and store it safely.



How to enter Recovery Mode on SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 3

  1. Turn off Note 3 completely.
  2. Once your device is off, press and hold “Volume Up + Home +Power” buttons all together until your device vibrates.
  3. Leave all buttons and now your device is on recovery mode.



Steps to Hard Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 3 all variants


Method No-1:

Hard Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 3, via built-in Settings Menu.

  1. Once your device is ON and unlocked. go to “Settings” on main app drawer.
  2. Next tap General -> Backup and reset -> Factory data reset -> Reset device -> Delete all.
  3. Your device reboots automatically.
  4. Enter language and other information if required.


Method No-2:

Hard Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 3, via Recovery Mode.

  1. Switch off your device completely.
  2. Boot your device into recovery mode, as above in this guide.
  3. Select “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” on recovery mode, use volume button to navigate and power button to select.
  4. Next select “Yes — delete all user data”. and confirm with Power button.
  5. Now select “Reboot System Now“. and confirm with Power Button to boot the device normally.


That’s how to Hard Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 3.



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