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Guide to Block Ads & Popup on your Android Device


Hello friends, today I am going to share a very helpful guide for the Android smartphone users. Nowadays you can see the Advertisements on most websites and also popup ads. The popup is the type of ads that are the most irritating as they interface with our browsing activity. Many thanks to Google Adsense does not support these types advertisement. PC or Laptop users can easily block these types ads by using Adblock extension in Chrome, Firefox and Opera but Android and iOS users there is no such web browser extension. So in this post we will guide you how to block ads on your Android smartphone. If you want to block the ads on your Android device then follow the below guidelines.


Guide to Block Ads & Popup on your Android Device:

1. Type the Adblock Browser in Play store search.

2. Install the Adblock Browser on your Android device from the Google Play Store: Link

3. Now Open the Adblock browser and browse the website without ads. Adblock2




Note: If you want to allow the ads on a specific website, then you can tap on the three vertical dot icon to the top right of the browser to open the options then uncheck the Block ads on this website and unblock the ads on the website you’re browsing currently.

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