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Fixing the iMessages Error ‘Waiting for Activation’ on any iPhone devices

Some of the latest iOS device’s users including the users of iPhone-6, iPhone-6S, and 6-Plus users, encountering an iMessages error ‘Waiting for Activation’. Users are experiencing the issue in several latest iOS flagship devices. If you are also facing the same issue. Then here is a solution for you. Follow the complete steps to fix iMessage error ‘Waiting for Activation’ easily.

This is a very tiny issue and you have to apply only a few steps for completely fixing the issue. However, the users have been disturbed hugely. Anyone encountering the error in iMessages ‘Waiting for Activation’ can use these instructions to completely solve the issue.

iMessage error ‘Waiting for Activation’

iMessage error ‘Waiting for Activation’.

Fixing the iMessage error ‘Waiting for Activation’.

  1. Restart your device. Then go to main settings.
  2. Now activate Airplane Mode on your device. to disable all your connections.
  3. Also, turn off iMessage. and Facetime on your device.
  4. Next, enable Wi-Fi at your device.
  5. Now come back to Messages. and then turn iMessages ON.
  6. Then enter your Apple id.
  7. Immediately you will be warned with a pop-up text. notifying as ‘carrier might charge for SMS’.
  8. Here tap OK.
  9. Now you will see that ‘iMessage’ becomes activated.

That’s all.

You have done. Error ‘Waiting for Activation’ has been fixed.


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