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Download Xender for Android, iOS, MAC / Windows Operating System

Hi friends, today we are going to share the good news for iOS and MAC users and also for Android users. We have many users which are facing a big problem like sharing files on iOS but today we will solve this issue because of the latest Technology. We have received many compliments about iOS transferring the files so in this guide, we will show you how to transfer files between iOS and MAC via Xender.

Download Xender App for Android-iOS-Windows

Download Xender App for Android-iOS-Windows

Xender is an application which allows you to transfer the files. We have already lots software using for sharing or transferring files but when we purchased iPhone, iPad or other Apple gadgets and we transfer the old data from the device so we failed because Apple OS is very sensitive and only support those apps which are high security.


In this post, we are discussing the Xender software which supports all devices and you can easily transfer the files between smartphone and PC. If you have Android, iOS, MAC or Windows Operating System then just download Xender software from the link below and transfer big data in very little time. Xender use hotspot which is very fast transferring and save the money and time.

APP Xender for PC/Laptop
File Size 7.46MB
Downloads 10 Million+
OS Supported Android/IOS/Windows/MAC
App Developer Xender
Updated 27/10/2018
Network WIFI

Download Xender

  • Xender for mac OS
  • Xender for ios, iPhone
  • Xender for Pc windows
  • Xender for Windows 10

Things to remember before you Install Xender for Windows OS:

  • Make sure that your PC/Laptop  is connected to Internet Connection
  • Make sure that Windows 7/8/10 is installed on your device.
  • Make sure your Smartphone/Tablet is also connected to the Internet.

Steps to Install Xender for PC web app

  • First of all, “Open Xender web app on pc” from Here
Install Xender for PC web app

Install Xender for PC web app

  • When you open the Xender web app you will see A QR code on the PC screen.
  • Now Open Xender App on your Android or IOS smartphone/tablet.
  • Now you will see the Connect to PC option, Just tap on that.
  • Now you will see another option to Scan from your smartphone/tablet
  • When you scan the QR code from the smartphone then you will be connected to your PC.
  • Now you will see all the files available on your Android/ios device which you can easily move/copy to your Windows PC laptop using Xender for PC App.
  • Done!

That’s all, This above guide is the same for all Android device and iOS devices. So if you have any issue or query feel free to contact us via comment area!

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