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How To Convert WhatsApp Voice Messages Into Texts

WhatsApp became effective social media in the society which highly makes use to share the text, phone and voice message and much more additional support. It is often updating with the number of the update features to make use of the friendly manner at every time. It is considered as one of the favorite messaging apps and is used over the millions of the Smartphone by the user. It is built with the updated features such free text, videos call, voice message and much more but also still it improve day by day with the number of the useful feature to make the communication better and save at every time. However, it is boosted, the number of the features, which let the customer, meet difficult during the listen to the voice, especially, if you are at the public meeting. Therefore, you have to search out right apps to install and bring additional comfort to convert the voice into text. Hence, the user can go below step to Convert WhatsApp Voice Messages into Texts and it becomes simple to read without meeting any trouble on it.


Convert WhatsApp Voice Messages Into Texts

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Steps to Convert WhatsApp Voice Messages into Texts

Step 1:

At first, you need to visit Google Play storeFirst time launching the app, you will see some information along with some instructions about the app.

Transcriber for WhatsApp
Transcriber for WhatsApp
Developer: Mirko Dimartino
Price: Free+

Step 2:

Once you have done reading the instructions, then you will be sent to the setting of the same app. This app has one screen with the setting menu screen.

Step 3:

From the menu option, you can setup the apps as per the needs and you can choose the language which you to want to convert the voice message.

Step 4:

Once you complete setting the language to convert the open whatsApp and choose the chat with the voice message, which needs to convert.

Step 5:

No, you have to tap and hold the voice message to choose and then tap on the share icon at the top and choose transcriber from the option

Step 6:

Now the apps will now convert the voice message into text so it can simple readable at every time.

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By following the above step, will simple to convert the voice message into the readable text. It is very simple to follow the above steps so the Smartphone user can convert and read it with no trouble at every time. on the other hand, it process takes very less time and it can be done by yourself without meeting any risk of it. In case of any additional doubt on installing such the app over the whatsApp, then you can visit the official website, which filled with the ideas to install in a successful manner, and even customer staffs can assure to provide the best and effective solution without meeting any trouble on it.

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