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Guide to Hard Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy A7 all variants

Hard Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy A7

Hard resetting means to completely wipe your private data on the device and bring it back to factory default settings. You can use it for various purposes. If you are willing to hard reset SAMSUNG Galaxy A7 then this guide is the right choice of you.

Hard reset basically used for factory settings restoration and to delete the personal data on the device.


Also if you want to fix any bug that you are facing on operating system of your device.

Note: Hard reset SAMSUNG Galaxy A7 will wipe your all data therefore users are advised to take a proper backup of your important data and apps before proceeding. Also we guidebeats will not be held liable for any damage, try it on your own risk.


Steps to Hard Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy A7 all variants


Method No-1:

Hard reset SAMSUNG Galaxy A7 via Recovery Mode

1) First, turn off your device

2) Then Boot the device into recovery mode via [press and hold Volume Up + Home + Power button, until you see Samsung logo]

3) Now on recovery mode tap on “wipe data / factory reset”, use volume buttons for navigation and power button for selecting options.

4) On the next step choose “Yes — delete all user data” to confirm the whole operation.

5) Now after performing device reset, select “reboot system now”.to reboot your system.

You’re done!


 Method No-2:

Hard reset SAMSUNG Galaxy A7 via built in settings menu.

1) While your device is Turned ON and unlocked go main app drawer and then tap on Settings.

2)   in Settings menu select and tap on “Backup & reset” and then choose “reset device”.

3) Finally Confirm your action by selecting “Erase everything”.

4) After completing, your device reboots automatically.

5)   when device boots up, enter your language and other information and go ahead to start using the device normally on factory default settings.


Thant’s it. This was how to Hard Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy A7

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