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How to Boost Android Phone Speed (Tips and Tricks)

We are living in a gadget era and in the gadget category the best invention is of a smartphone. In a daily routine an average user uses it’s smartphone for approximately 5-6 hours in a day. Smartphone can do almost every thing any other tech gadget can like you can play games, listen to music, book tickets, surf the INTERNET and many more things to list but what if your smartphone performance becomes low in terms of speed, your rate of doing work on your smartphone will become low which can affect your precious time and normally no smartphone user want it’s android phone to be slow that’s why we are here to guide you upon how you can boost android phone speed.

We are going to tell you some of the special tricks by which you can boost android phone speed in just some seconds. Follow this tips and tricks guide to learn how to boost android phone speed easily. The methods we are going to discuss here are tested and approved by us, using these methods your phone’s speed will be increased by 30 percent.


How to Boost Android Phone Speed

How to Boost Android Phone Speed

The main reason behind the slow speed of an android phone is it’s RAM. If you know how to manage your RAM then only you can boost your phone’s speed and here we tell you some of the common things about management of RAM.

1) Remove unwanted apps

Normally an android smartphone becomes slow due to overloading of apps over it’s RAM. If your smartphone’s RAM is below 2 GB then we recommend you not to load your phone with heavy apps and games because it can reduce it’s speed and even that app can’t work properly. Try removing unwanted apps and bloatwares from your smartphone to boost up it’s speed. For this to happed open your settings and select apps then click on those apps which you don’t want any longer and click uninstall.

2) Remove widgets

The widgets can be the main reason behind the slow speed of your phone as widgets uses the RAM all the time which can slow down the processing speed and results in lagging. Remove widgets from your home screen if any to boost android phone speed.

3) Optimize your bowser

If you are an INTERNET surfing worm and using the chrome browser to surf the internet then you can boost android phone speed if it’s slow by turning on the data saver mode in the chrome which can help in boosting up the speed and saving the data. To do so open the chrome browser then click the 3 dot menu above and select settings and navigate to data saver there and turn it on. It can help this problem to be solved.

4) Clear Cache data

Cache data is the fast memory which is stored by the app on your phone to keep the app file saved, you can clean the cache memory to boost android phone speed, To clear the cache memory go to Settings>>Storage>>select Cache Memory>> Click ok to clear it.

5) Disable animation

Animations can be the main reason behind the slow speed as it uses the memory and battery heavily at same time, turning off the animation can make difference in the interface of the phone and you may feel something different while using your phone but still it can help to boost android phone speed to turn off the animation follow the steps below

1. Open Settings on your phone

2. Tap About phone.

3. Tap the Build number 7 times.You will see a message that you have enabled Developer options.

4. Return to Settings and select Developer options.

5. Select Windows animation scale and select “Animation off”.

That’s all about how you can boost android phone speed, keep visiting here to known more tips and tricks about your smartphone.

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