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About Xiaomi-Piston In-Earphones

The hop in sound quality from the first Xiaomi-Piston to the Piston 2 was sizable. The main gen show was bassier and had fundamentally poorer loyalty. Despite the fact that the hole in general sound quality between the second and third gen Pistons isn’t as extraordinary. The new model keeps up the pattern toward a more adjusted, less buyer situated sound. You will see that beside the Piston 2. The sets I contrast the Piston 3 and are generally in the $50-100 territory. The reality that is itself a demonstration of the execution of the Xiaomi in-ears.

The bass of the Piston 3, while less improved than that of the Piston 2, remains very punchy. Mid-bass effect is marginally lower than with a portion of the other not-exactly reference-level headphones. For example, the VSonic VSD3S and Ostry KC06. However, upgraded contrasted with compliment sounding sets like the HiFiMan RE-400 and Etymotic MC5. Bass profundity is really great too, however, sub-bass reach and nearness fall somewhat behind the VSD3S and VSonic’s higher-end GR07.



Like the past model, the third-gen Piston is tuned for an angular sound. In any case, because of the more tightly, less enlarged bass. Its mids are clearer regardless of not being extremely forward. All things considered, they are still to some degree recessed and a touch muted contrasted with higher-end, less angular sets, for example, the KC06, RE-400, and GR07.

The Piston 3 grabs nearness in the upper midrange and lower treble, giving it a cooler tone. It is somewhat less brilliant than the KC06, yet more so than the RE-400, which has a tendency to be exceptionally smooth and laid-back. Cruelty and sibilance are by and large not an issue – the Piston 3 isn’t as excusing as the hotter sounding models that went before it. However, it’s not as sibilant as any of the mainstream VSonic headphones, either.

Special Specs of Xiaomi-Piston In-Earphones


Single-rib silicone tips (4 sizes); plastic box pairs as capacity case with coordinated link wrap

Fabricate Quality

The Piston 3 utilizes more plastic in its development than the Piston 2 yet feels exceptionally strong and gloats different little ease of use changes, for example, less demanding to-see L/R markings and lower driver flex. The link is like that of the more seasoned model – rubbery over the y-split and sheathed in nylon beneath to give some protection from tangling. The new remote is decent looking yet the tight catches are really bit harder to use without looking contrasted with the past adaptation’s



Isolation is normal on account of the shallow attack of the headphones


Audible, however not irksome when music is playing


The Piston 3 is a huge advance forward in ergonomics over the more to be a modern model. Moving to a conservative spout plan with strain reliefs that completely clear the external ear, prompting an exceptionally agreeable fit.


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