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Cube Thinker Notebook 28% off (Best Deal Ever)

About Cube-Thinker Notebook

The Cube-Thinker Notebook is a masterpiece from Chinese Brand. A latently cooled Intel Core m3 7Y30 processor with the Intel HD Graphics 615 illustrations unit, 8 GB RAM, and a 256-GB SSD can normally not be obtained for beneath 800 Euros (~$933) in Germany. A show with 3000×2000 pixels, which we definitely know from the Surface Book, is included. The Thinker is offered in some Chinese online shops for simply minimal more than 500 Euros (~$583, $589 in the US). We discover amid this test which different downsides there are alongside the impressive weight of right around 1.7 kg (~3.7 lb), or whether this is a recommendable arrangement.

Cube Thinker



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Exclusive features of Cube-Thinker Notebook


The case is made totally from aluminum, is neatly assembled and it has exquisite edges. The show does not have an appalling aluminum outline like the MacBook Air but instead resembles the Pros. Apple’s moderate outline was utilized to a vast degree. From the sides, you can see the run of the mill wedge shape that is known from Apple.


Because of the screen proportion, looking from the best the shape drifts more towards a square instead of the standard rectangle that is the regular place for most portable PCs in the 16:9 organization these days. The power catch is coordinated into the console, what’s more, the touchpad and the console, there are just three little LEDs that are not marked, notwithstanding.

Mark Sensors

The unique mark sensor is incorporated into the abundantly measured touchpad. The cover, which turned out very thick for current models, does not look very as rich. It has the name “Scholar” at the upper left. The maker is just specified in little print in Chinese letters at the base. The base is held by 14 Torx screws and can be evacuated effectively, in the event that you have the proper screwdriver close by.


The two spacers between the cover and the base: there are two thin elastic pieces in the best corners that should keep the screen from touching the console specifically. They can be crushed effectively which is precisely what ought to have been anticipated.


On the correct side, there is another USB-3.0 port and a headphones port that has an indistinguishable size from the gap for the power plug on the opposite side. In this manner, there is the peril of coincidentally exchanging them. Sadly, there is no SD-card peruser. There is additionally no Thunderbolt port, which couldn’t be normal at this cost, in any case. The highlights are not overpowering but rather ought to be adequate for a cell phone.

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At the base are 14 Torx T5 screws which ensure within the Thinker. In the event that they are expelled, you can remove the back plate and investigate the entire inside. Be that as it may, a large portion of the parts is welded in. Just the SSD can be traded, if vital. There are no fans that should be cleaned. The WLAN module is additionally fastened in. Despite the fact that the battery is stuck in, you ought to have the capacity to extricate and trade it.

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