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How to Track And Locate Your Lost iPhone X

Gosh! You lost your iPhone X and you think it is stolen and you are worried about your data. There is no need to panic. The best part is Apple has software that makes it easy to track down your lost iPhone, to wipe your iPhone X data and to lock it so that your data is saved. You will find this article helpful if you have come up with such unfortunate scenario.


Here is the few step that you can do to track and locate your lost iPhone X using Find My iPhone.

If you want to locate your device you need to download Find My iPhone app before any rough situation. It is free and works on all Apple devices.

If you have this app enabled and there is an internet connection, your device will be broadcasting its location. Now, with the help of another iOS device or by just visiting the iCloud official website you can locate your Apple device.


Guidelines using an iOS device:

  1. Open Find My iPhone app and enter your Apple ID and Password.
  2. As the device tracks the location of your iPhone X you will see a compass and the word locating on the screen of the device (If there comes any notification like ‘iPhone wants to know your location and an option to Turn on Send the Last Location’ then it is suggested that you should agree.
  3. On a map, you will see a map showing various devices that are using your Apple ID. For closer look zoom in the map.
  4. Now, you can either switch your iPhone into Lost Mode, which will lock it down and transmit its location or for older iPhone, Lock, which will lock the iPhone X and notify you when it’s found.
  5. In the worst case, you can Erase your iPhone.
  6. You can sign out once you are done.

Step by Step Guidelines using iCloud:

  1. Visit  iCloud website on a PC: Link
  2. Log on to it using your Apple ID and Password.
  3. Click on Find iPhone.
  4. Wait for your iPhone X to be located and when necessary sign in again with your password. The located devices will be indicated by a green dot on the map.
  5. You can zoom in to see the tapping on your located device; play sound in case your iPhone X is somewhere nearby or you can gage to know how much battery is left.
  6. In case you have lost it, you can add a number hoping some good person has found it or you can leave a message hoping him to return.
  7. In worse condition, you can lock your iPhone X for your data to be saved, but it can still transmit the location or you can erase your iPhone X data.

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