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Know the Android O Special Features and Improvements, [Latest Android OS]

Recently you might come to know or may by using the latest Android O OS. “Android O” is the brand-new and latest operating system of Google for the users of all Android smartphones. The successor of Android N (Nougat) unleashed a month back with some amazing features and improved UI. Android O is the more advanced and improved version of Android OS. Previously the Google has released Android N with lots of amazing features and now after a year later the Google come with some more special features. Here we will discuss all the Android O Special Features and Improvements.


Android N is still in the development stage and only the developer preview is available for the Google Nexus and Pixel smartphones. Everyone is snooping and searching for the Android O Special Features and latest Improvements. And we are here with all the Android O Special Features, so let’s have a quick look over the Android O Special Features.

Android O Special Features and Improvements

Android O Special Features and Improvements.



Android O Special Features and Improvements

  1. Notification grouped Channel for quick and better control over the notifications. This feature will allow the users to easily manage notifications.
  2. PIP (Picture in Picture) feature. The option is very similar to YouTube video play option. When you play video and hit back the video minimize auto. You can also say it the multi-display option.
  3. Adaptive Icons: adaptive icons will allow you to change the shape of the icon according to your will and manufacturer preferences.
  4. Wide Range of color for applications: The image editing applications will now provide you a wide range of color and editing using this feature.
  5. Keyboard Notifications feature: Google has improved the Keyboard functionality to simplified the use of the keyboard.
  6. High-Resolution Audio Support: although all the audios depend on the quality of recording and Headphones you are using. Still, Android O will boost your hearing with High-Resolution Audio Support.
  7. Secure Autofill Apps: the autofill application will provide you an easy and more secure way for password autofill option.
  8. Background Apps Access and Limits to Maximize the   Battery Life. Google is adding an addition feature to increase the battery life with restrictions like Background services, Location updates an Implicit broadcast. This will decrease the battery unnecessary utilization and will increase battery life.
  9. Additional Connectivity Features: Android O also has the new and amazing feature of connectivity with other devices. This feature will allow nearby devices to connect to WIFI via NAN (Neighbor Awareness Networking).
  10. Enhanced Web View: this will enable the multiprocessing mode on the supported device by default.
  11. New API: This will enable you to better handle the apps crashing and errors
  12. Additional Java Languages:
  13. Faster Android experience than before:

So, these are the Android O Special Features and Improvements, hope you will know all about this new Android OS. For further inquiry, see the official page.


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