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Guide to Enter recovery mode and Hard Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy Core all variants

Hard Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy Core

Hard reset or factory restores mean, to wipe all the data on your device internal memory and restore the factory settings on the device. In this tutorial, we will guide to enter recovery mode and Hard Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy Core.

Hard reset can be used, when you are going to replace your device and delete all the data on the device. Hard reset also used to reset miss settings by restoring factory default settings and refresh your device.


Recovery mode is a separate partition that contains the basic commands and option that can be used during flashing and customizing your smartphone.

DISCLAIMER:  this guide is only to enter recovery mode and Hard Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy Core, don’t try at any other device. Also, we takes no liability for any damage, try at your own risk.



Properly take backup of your important data on your device.

Do charge the device battery at least 60%.


Enter Recovery Mode on Galaxy Core

  1. Turn off Galaxy Core completely.
  2. Press and hold Volume Up+ Home+ Power button all together until your phone vibrates
  3. Now your device is in recovery mode.



Steps to Hard Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy Core

Method No-1.

Hard reset Galaxy Core via Recovery Mode:

  1. First Turn your device completely OFF.
  2. Enter the device, into recovery mode as mentioned above.
  3. On recovery mode select “wipe data/factory reset” [use volume button to navigate up and down and power button to select an option].
  4. Then select “YES— delete all user data” to confirm, use the power button to confirm.
  5. After completion, hard reset select “Reboot” to boot your device normally.
 Method No-2.

Hard reset Galaxy Core via Built-in Settings Menu:

  1. Go to “Settings” on main app drawer, while your phone is ON.
  2. Now tap General -> Backup and reset -> Factory data reset -> Reset device -> Delete all.
  3. Then the device reboots automatically.
  4. After boot up, enter language and other information.


That’s how Hard Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy Core.

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